"Cause a little auk awk
goes a long way."

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Mar 01: Michael Sanders demos an X-windows GUI for AWK.

Mar 01: Awk100#24: A. Lahm and E. de Rinaldis' patent search, in AWK

Feb 28: Tim Menzies asks this community to write an AWK cookbook.

Feb 28: Arnold Robbins announces a new debugger for GAWK.

Feb 28: Awk100#23: Premysl Janouch offers a IRC bot, In AWK

Feb 28: Updated: the AWK FAQ

Feb 28: Tim Menzies offers a tiny content management system, in Awk.

Jan 31: Comment system added to For example, see discussion bottom of ?keys2awk

Jan 31: Martin Cohen shows that Gawk can handle massively long strings (300 million characters).

Jan 31: The AWK FAQ is being updated. For comments/ corrections/ extensions, please mail

Jan 31: Martin Cohen finds Awk on the Android platform.

Jan 31: Aleksey Cheusov released a new version of runawk.

Jan 31: Hirofumi Saito contributes a candidate Awk mascot.

Jan 31: Michael Sanders shows how to quickly build an AWK GUI for windows.

Jan 31: Hyung-Hwan Chung offers QSE, an embeddable Awk Interpreter.

[More ...]

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Linking Awk to Spreadsheets

Axel Renihold's MacroCALC (mc) interactive spreadhsheet calculator is an interactive, macro-programmable tool. mc has no graphic features, but therefore it can run also on terminals. It uses a convenient, well-known user interface and has some special features especially interesting in the UNIX environment.

mc has an elaborate operating system via piping. That is, mc and Unix tools like Awk can be easily intergrated.

A "cell" statement has the syntax:

cell < command
(and "command" is any Unix script, e.g. using Awk). When such a cell is entered, it will:
  • execute the command
  • put the command's output into the range of cells starting with cell as the upper-left corner.

The output is read line by line into the rows of the range. The columns, which have to be separated by "tab" in the output of the command, are placed into the columns of the range.

At the end of the data a special cell value designated 'EOF' (end of file) is placed in the cell below the data. This offers great flexibility based upon the Unix operating system's piping mechanism

For more details, see the MacroCALC home page.

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